I’ve decided to have a word this year.  And I signed up for Ali Edward’s class over at Big Picture Classes.  Now I just need a word.  First, I thought I’d go with Commit(ment).  After all, committing to something has been a challenge for me in the past.  Then I realized it wasn’t necessarily the committing part that I wanted to focus on, but the actual doing part.  So I moved over to Do and Act(ion).  I truly want to take action on the things I’ve decided to commit to this year.  I don’t just want to commit to anything, though.  Only the things that are important.  That feel compelling.  Things that I decide are worthy.


It starts with a decision, a choice.  Once I decide to do something, I want to commit to it and take the actions necessary to see it all the way through.

So I think this year’s word will be DECIDE.  It feels good.  It feels right…

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