This year, I decided to do a project 365.  Yes, i will take at least one picture every day this year.  I tried completing this project in 2010 and in 2011 to no avail.  I was pretty disappointed.  But I told myself that I just wasn’t ready for it, for whatever reason.

This year, I’m very optimistic about it, though.  Fuel was added to my photography fire this past year .  And a few of my shutter sisters completed their own 365s (rockstars!).  But the following video is my true muse for this project:

These are my Instagram photos from 2011.  A fellow photog posted a video of her Instagram shots on Facebook and I immediately went to make my own.  Watching this video, of MY life, was nothing short of amazing.  All of the images that I felt “meh” about were transformed into something magical because they were just one piece of the puzzle.  When put together, all the pieces told a story…MY story.  My family watched it and loved it.  In fact, they’ve asked me to play it for them multiple times.  Seeing the joy on their faces as they watched the video had a profound impact on me.

My belief that photography is an essential part of my life has been strengthened.  My reason for taking part in a 365 is now clear.  I can’t wait until January 1, 2013 when I get to make a video of my 2012.  It’s gonna be awesome!!

Day 3 of 365+1

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