I’m so excited to have another week done.  While this week was easier thanks to some planning, it still took longer than I’d like.  However, I have some thoughts as to why that was the case as well as some solutions.  I’m trying to remember that it’s going to take a few weeks before I find my groove, and that’s ok.

So first, my plan.  One of the PL Creative Team members, Marcy Penner, has these helpful planning sheets.  She made one for each of the various page protectors.  I printed it out and, while looking through my images, decided what photos would go where.

Throughout the week I uploaded images and went through them.  Since I use Lightroom, I can give each image a star rating.  So any picture I liked was given a 1-star.  I also created a smart collection for each week of the year.  This collection is auto populated with images that have a 1-star or higher rating for each week.  My rationale being that at the end of the week I would go through the collection for that week and give any images I actually wanted to use in my layout a 2-star.  I had 103 1-star images this week.  Yikes!  And this is where I hit a snag.  There were a few major stories I wanted to make sure I told.  And then there were a lot of smaller, everyday-esque stories i wanted to remember.  Because the larger stories had more than one image, they took up a lot of space.  That didn’t leave a lot of space for my everyday stories or memorabilia.  And it totally stressed me out.  I don’t know why I didn’t think to add another insert to tell some of the larger stories.  Instead, I spent about three hours (!) choosing, editing and printing my pictures.  I had to call it a night after that.  I was totally brain-dead!

The next night, I chose my journalers.  That went much quicker.  I added some text to them, printed them out and trimmed them in about an hour.  Then today I put everything together (the quickest part).  Here are my finished pages:

Left Side
Right Side

So that’s it!  Another week completed.  Another week of our story told.  I love that…

The Mom Creative