I just put something out into the world.  Something that started off as one idea and morphed into a few others before finally settling into it’s final state.  It was quite a process.  One where I found inspiration in the form of confetti pockets like the ones shown here and here by Lisa Truesdell.  I love the idea of confetti.  It’s just so festive.  But I never learned how to sew.  I wasn’t going to let that stop me, though!  After borrowing a sewing machine from a neighbor (thanks, Amber!), asking for help on a couple message boards and then learning how to thread a machine and wind a bobbin (thanks to the sewing machine’s manual, duh), I finally started sewing!  And it only took me about a day and a half.  After many different attempts at designing something using words and confetti, I finally came up with this:

I’m planning on using these little confetti sentiment cards in my Project Life spreads.  They’ll be perfect to add that little something.  I’m thinking I’ll also keep some around to use as gift tags.  I could easily write a To/From/Greeting on them, punch a hole at the top and attach them to a gift with some twine.

It’s going to be so fun using these.  If you want some of your own, they’re available at the shop for $10/set.