Hi there.  My name is Wendy and that’s me up there.  I was trying to take a serious, soulful self-portrait and couldn’t keep a straight face.  I’m kinda glad I held the shutter button down, because those pics are much more me.

I am…

a mother
a wife
a photographer
a business owner
a cat person
a crafter
a lover of paper (and just about any office supplies out there)
a bit of a slob (my side of the room gets a tad messy at times)
not a coffee drinker
not a morning person
a firm believer that the Universe KNOWS

This little corner of the interwebs is where I’ll write about My Life.  Right now.  The life that is happening as we speak.  Or as I write, I guess. I hope you’ll stick around and follow along my journey…


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